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Rapidly convert entire green screen applications to the web with Presto, then further enhance those web-enabled screens at your pace, screen by screen or program by program. Presto provides much faster results than tools that web-enable one screen at a time. It's also a much smaller investment than re-writing or re-engineering your applications in a web development language. Presto provides an easy transition to web development for RPG and COBOL programmers. Presto gives you the option to use it as a stepping stone to creating new web applications in CGI or PHP or as a long-term web-based solution. You can also combine Presto with BCD's other web development solutions to give you complete flexibility in choosing your modernization path.

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  • No RPG, COBOL or DDS source code changes Zero 5250 OLTP - uses100% batch processes.
  • Global options give all your apps an instant modern web look.
  • Presto’s IDE provides full control to customize screens.
  • Runs in a browser with no other PC software required.
  • Innovative licensing options. Choose base, concurrent or unlimited user licensing options to fit your budget needs.
  • 06 Instant Results: Install and configure Presto in less than an hour.

ClearPath™ also includes WebSmart for new IBM i or multi-platform rapid web application development (PHP or RPG CGI), Clover Query for real-time System i web queries, reports and dashboards and Catapult for automated report distribution and web archiving. Host any of these components with Nexus Portal for a secure single point of access to application frameworks and content management. Choose one component, a combination of them to build a customized solution, or the entire modernization suite.


“Die Zeit und das Geld, die wir benötigen, um das zu erreichen, was Presto uns erlaubt hat, ist kaum ergründbar. Es erlaubt Ihnen, alles zu verbessern, was Sie sich denken können. Das ist das Schöne an Presto … Flexibilität! ”


— Felicia Krubl, PA National Van Lines, Inc.


MoPresto is part of BCD’s ClearPATH Modernization Suite

Presto Modernization Suite
Modernization means different things to different people. BCD is the only IBM i vendor who offers a family of award winning integrated modernization components that lets you build your own customized solution.

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Why BCD is the right choice for IBM i Modernization

Proven Award Winning Solutions: BCD has successfully helped thousands of organizations modernize their applications and processes. We’ve proudly received 40 Industry Awards along the way.

Industry Leader: BCD has over 30 years of experience in the IBM i and midrange marketplace and we understand how IBM i developers and IT shops think and work.

World Class Technical Support: Our technical support team is consistently rated one of the best in the industry. You will receive unlimited phone, email and web support for the life of your support agreement and during your evaluation.

Zu den BCD-Kunden zählen: Starbucks, Formica, Universal Music Int’l, Cardinal Health, Prada, Bank of America, Bristol-Myers Squibb, General Electric Canada, Canon, Konica Minolta, Honeywell, Goodyear, Kawasaki, United Rentals, Städte, Landkreise, Universitäten, Versicherungen, Banken, Krankenhäuser, Einzelhandel, Produzierende Betriebe, Vertriebsorganisationen, Transportunternehmen und viele Tausende mehr.

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