Andreas Göring is Managing Director of GOERING GmbH, which emerged from the GOERING iSeries Solutions founded in 1995. Already during his studies he has been dealing with questions of integration and connectivity of the platforms since 1986. Since 1989, he has been an ERP expert on the AS / 400 for optimal use of the systems as well as for adjustments and additions. With the development of tools starting from the year 2000 Andreas Göring converted his consulting company into an internationally successful software house. GOERING products are now used successfully on every continent around the world.

For the company GOERING 2017 is a special year, namely the first year of the "GOERING GmbH".

After more than 20 years of "GOERING iSeries Solutions", we have taken this step a bit further for you as our esteemed customer. The very positive feedback made us very happy, a big thank you for that!

For the future, too, we see ourselves on the IBM i platform at home and therefore continue to expand our team through our own training. But there are new topics like Graphic surfacesMobile applications, Industry 4.0Compliance by password security is not too short. We currently see very good potential in these areas.
The request regarding website design, design & graphics by satisfied customers of the GOERING GmbH rose so that GOERING Artwork could develop. Photography has been a big focus there for years, so since September 2017 we have also been providing photography services: ProFoto GOERING  to offer!
If you miss something or have a suggestion for us, please do not hesitate to contact us at an event or send us an email.