iExcelGen Spool-Add-On

Reports single cells!


To be able to intelligently convert spoolfiles to excel
we developed a spool add-on for you.

With this additional tool you can define and save the columns and the structure of the later Excel file based on a spoolfile. In this way, work processes are very easy to map and automate.


In our presentations, you can quickly get an idea of ​​the functionality of iExcelGen Spool Add-On gain:

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  • Any Excel file in Excel format 2.1 and Excel 97-2003 (also supported by Excel 2007)
  • Output in database or serial file
  • Generate a new file or add / replace the records of an existing file
  • Mapping Excel columns to database fields
  • Immediate notification after the takeover possible


The product is offered at a fair price / performance ratio. The price depends on the model and processor as well as the number of LPARs. An ROI is possible after a few weeks!

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