How does this work?

The MobileTogether platform contains everything you need to efficiently use the update of your enterprise solutions.

  1. A developer or IT staff creates a mobile solution using MobileTogether Designer.
  2. The mobile solution is deployed on your MobileTogether Server (either onsite or in the cloud).
  3. The end user gets access to the solution by implementing security measures by connecting to their MobileTogether Server with their mobile device. All he has to do is download the free MobileTogether app from the App Store of his choice and connect to your server.

Developers support the solution for your Mobile Together Server
either local or in the cloud.

quickly realizable solution

security features

When an administrator connects to the MobileTogether Server for the first time, security features to protect your data are started. For example, the administrator places Determines whether new devices need to be approved and approved, and whether you need a username and password to view or create mobile solutions. More about role definitions can be found below.

Server settings

The installation of the MobileTogether Server can be adapted to the respective circumstances. Server Administrator defines host settings, admin and client ports, SSL certificates, and more.

Maintenance of the server

Once the MobileTogether Server is started, it is largely maintenance-free.

Global resources

Using global resources, MobileTogether lets you define different database server names, file paths, or other configuration-specific parameters so you can move from a development system to a production system at any time, separately for each mobile solution.

After deploying a new mobile solution on the MobileTogether Server, you can upload that configuration with your solution to later control your solution's access to specific servers. An administrator can configure the mobile device resource configuration on-the-fly so you can switch between test and production environments with one click.

Log view

Through this portal, the administrator can view every action since installing the server. Filtering by log timeframe and severity levels allows you to view only the server-critical events.

MobileTogether in action

In the modern world one has lost, if one hesitates. If you load MobileTogether on your mobile device, you are ready for all eventualities. Click here to see how you can get everything on track with MobileTogether.

More than simple caching

The cache behavior can be customized for all data sources as needed. Like Altova MapForce Server and FlowForce Server, MobileTogether contains more than the expiration time and refresh interval cache parameters.

You can manually set the caching interval and how many different combinations of multiple query parameters should be automatically cached. A client receives the data directly from the cache, while the server retrieves it only after the cache interval has expired. These options increase performance significantly.

User roles and licenses

A server administrator can create users and select from 12 default rights: from running server simulations, to writing / reading global resources, to viewing the unfiltered log. These rights can also be assigned to user roles.

The MobileTogether Server allows you to view user license interactions, see which devices are running, and if and how long they are active. The user license portal also shows you how many licenses are being used / are currently free.

Role-based permissions

You can restrict access to a specific solution or directory of solutions on the server using user and role permissions.

Im Bild rechts sehen Sie, dass die zwei mobilen Lösungen auffallend ähnlich aussehen. Der einzige Unterschied ist, dass in der Lösung rechts zwei Spalten “Quantity” und “Price” zu sehen sind, die links nicht sichtbar sind. Aufgrund des XPath-Ausdrucks können nur Gerätebenutzer mit der Rolle “Sales” diese beiden Spalten sehen. Für andere Rollen werden diese Spalten ausgeblendet.

  • time savings
  • Immediate ROI
  • Creation of apps for business processes
  • Create once; Solution is ready on any mobile device (BYOD)
  • Increased productivity and greater employee satisfaction

ROI redefined

Like no other solution, MobileTogether combines easy-to-use features to create complex apps with affordable prices that are tailor-made for the enterprise of any device. As a result, large companies can be just as flexible as startups, and even smaller companies now have unaffordable powerful development tools available. In both cases, this investment pays off faster than ever before.

MobileTogether Designer is available for free.
The native MobileTogether Client app is free.
MobileTogether Server can be tested for free. 

After 30 days you pay per device and year.

MobileTogether Server features:

  • Seamless integration with other Altova Automation servers
  • Multi-platform support
  • Largely maintenance-free
  • Installation on site or in the cloud
  • Selection of 12 different user and role permissions
  • Deploy the mobile solution from MobileTogether Designer via the server to the mobile MobileTogether app with a click of the mouse
  • Define standards for containers, design fields, and security
  • Log view with filtering by severity

MobileTogether Server architecture

MobileTogether Server provides the link between your mobile clients and in-house data sources and IT infrastructure. All of your mobile clients connect to MobileTogether Server to gain access to your mobile solutions. Internal clients can be connected directly to MobileTogether Server, while external clients usually connect through SSL through their firewall. Also other scenarios, such as Deploying MobileTogether Server in a private cloud infrastructure is possible. MobileTogether Server governs user authentication, managing users, roles, and devices, distributing solutions, connecting to your in-house data sources, and enabling use of cache data.


Cross-platform support

MobileTogether Server is available for the following systems:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac


By offloading all computing power to the MobileTogether Server, you will increase the processing speed and performance of your mobile device. The results will then be displayed in the mobile app on your device.

This way, your device has resources available for other processes, which reduces load times and saves storage space.

Together with the designer and the mobile app you can immediately simulate mobile solutions thanks to the fast processing on the server. As soon as you download the mobile app, you will be able to see your mobile solution on your device.


Edit permissions

Permissions can be created and edited on the MobileTogether Server at any time. Depending on your needs, you can give end users the ability to view design files and containers or create view-specific mobile solutions.

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