How many passwords

do you use?


Sicherer Passwort Speicher für Ihr Unternehmen


Sie benutzen bereits Tools zum Speichern ihrer persönlichen Passwörter? 

Leider eignen sich diese nicht im Unternehmen. 

Passwörter können nicht mit Kollegen geteilt werden, oder werden auf unsicheren Wegen mitgeteilt? 

Die Lösung Password Safe leistet all dies und noch einiges mehr. 

Es ist die perfekte Lösung für Unternehmen bei denen Sicherheit keine Nebensache ist.

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What is Password Safe?

Password Safe is a sophisticated encryption software for managing identities, passwords and documents. Get to know Password Safe now!

Why Password Safe?

Password Safe puts an end to paperwork and unsafe passwords. It makes dealing with access and highly sensitive data easier and ensures more security and effectiveness. We've gone through some scenarios for use in the company or department.


Data must be managed centrally and flexibly.


Complex structures require safe and productive systems.


It is necessary to guarantee digital and secure password management.


Security must be practical and must rule out risk factors.

Only a few of our impressive features

Centralised team database

Adjustable dashboards

SSO agent with browser add-ons

Session recording

Offline access/mode

More productivity in the company

Keep identities, passwords, and documents under control

  • Clearly structed thanks to the centralised management
  • More stable due to avoiding system resets
  • More effective due to through automated password entry
  • More stable thanks to complex passwords
  • More control thanks to reports and logbook
  • More stable thanks to adjustable structures
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Practise makes perfect

Rely on the market leader in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Password Safe is flexible and can be integrated extremely adaptable into existing structures. This saves resources and is effective.

+10000 companies worldwide use Password Safe
1998 Start of the Password Safe success story
2012 Awarded the 2012 IT Innovation Prize

Are you looking for a private Version?



Remember only one password!

Your remaining passwords are managed by Password Safe.

Benefit from a highly encrypted database for storing your sensitive data. The operation is comfortable and innovative. Information is always at your fingertips. In a freely definable folder structure you store your data securely and manage it. Setup wizards help you with almost every step.

Forgotten passwords ... not with Password Safe!

Criminals have no chance! The most advanced security technology in the military protects your data (passwords, licenses, customer data ...) and important information.

Personal Edition Free.

The Personal Edition intended for private users is also available in a simplified but free version: "Personal Edition Free". The change to a chargeable "Personal Edition" with more features is possible at any time. Of course, all data will be taken over. And if you become our friend on Facebook, you will receive the unlimited Personal Edition for free. Our friendship saves 12.90 euros. This is how you easily enter the product variety of Password Safe.


Do we know each other?

Nice to hack you!


Everything under control for sure

Password Safe protects your data against unauthorized access by third parties and flexibly adapts to the requirements of your company: A centralized database ensures secure team collaboration. Approvals are granted for a limited time and access controlled based on roles. The retrieval of a password is verifiable at any time.

Centralised team database

Role-based access control

Password retrieval only where justified

Temporary access permissions acc. to schedule

Adjustable input masks


With flexibility productive and up to date

Password Safe is easily integrated into existing and growing company structures. Smart filters with efficient full-text search make it possible to find data quickly. A notification system keeps you informed about the events within the database. Customizable dashboards provide a better overview and a tag system for optimal data classification.

Adjustable dashboards

Smart filters with fast full-text search

Tag system

Auditing and reports

Messaging system


With automation on the safe side

Password Safe makes processes safer through automation: Entering passwords in login fields on web pages, importing users and structures from the Active Directory, as well as generating new passwords or managing privileged accounts - everything is automated. This is not only safe, but also effective, and therefore cost-saving.

SSO agent with browser add-ons

Active Directory integration

Automatic reports

Service accounts detection

Password reset


A system for every circumstance

Password Safe allows you to assign individual rights. Who is allowed to release and open records sealed according to the multi-control principle? All actions inside the database are logged in a tamperproof and unmodifiable logbook. User behavior is monitored via the Session Monitoring, and an automatic notification is sent to the appropriate authorities within the company in case of atypical behavior.

Tamperproof logging

Multi-control principle (sealed records)

Two-factor authentication

Session recording

Session monitoring


Access rights under control with high availability

Password Safe creates automatic live backups virtually in real time. Multi-tier architecture ensures high availability of database clustering, and makes load balancing of the application servers possible at any time. Password management is guaranteed even in offline mode: the changes are synchronized in the background after reintegration into the network.

Automatic live backups


Offline access/mode

High availability


Mit dem Absenden des Kontaktformulars erkläre ich mich damit einverstanden, dass meine Daten zur Bearbeitung meiner Anfrage elektronisch erhoben und gespeichert werden.