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IBM has made a strategic investment in RPG with Rational Open Access for RPG (RPG OA).

It is thus possible via native RPG development, whether SEU or RDi, to achieve modern interfaces on any platform.

There is no more 5250 border! Web, RIA, iPhone, iPad and Android mobile phones are now also available to the RPG developer.

For us, the issue is of strategic importance, and thus has also been strategically invested in this product and are from the beginning (since 2010) able to offer services as well as products with this new technology.

Our partner BCD has been supporting this interface since it was made available by IBM for free.

An overview of the topic is provided by a Powerpoint presentation, which you can download here.

We are also happy to assist you in all matters relating to RPG OA.

At lectures in the context of common events since 2010, we have made a great contribution to the IBM i community in Germany. For example, we were actively on board at the 2010 Annual Conference and as the founder of the common working group "RPG Open Access" in Düsseldorf.

The common management has renounced further support in this area, of course we are still available to the interested IBM i user or a local user group for workshops.

The product video is coming online soon.

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