Password Security und Smartcard

Passwort SecurityFastPass, PasswordSafe, Smartcard with AirID, Yubikey

Password Security - more security for your company.

We offer perfect solutions for companies where security is not a minor matter.

> PasswordSafe
> Smartcard mit AirID
> FastPass
> Yubico
> Passwort Security

Industry 4.0/ IoT

Icon Industrie
Industrie 4.0, inSky und i4Vision

Industry 4.0/ IoT

Intelligent adapters for measurement, control and regulation today allow efficient solutions in the field of "Industry Automation" with manageable effort. You need improved process automation?

> Industrie 4.0/IoT
> inSky GmbH
> i4Socket

IBM i Tools

Icon_IBM i-tools
XML, Excel, Spool, SMS, Word u.a.

IBM i Tools - outstanding features for your business

Our IBM i tools with outstanding features and enthusiastic customers worldwide:
> IBM i Tools

Mobile Solutions

Warehouse, mobile inspection recordsIcon Mobile

Mobile Solutions

Stock bookings

> Mobile Solutions
Mobility and Security

Digitization, portals and workflows

Icon Digitalisierung
Portals, Mobile Solutions, Workflow

Digitization, portals and workflows

Employee portals for internal processes
Customer portals for returns

> Mobile Solutions
> Workflow
> i4Vision

Legacy Modernization

Icon Legacy

looksoftware, Kalipso, BCD Presto

Legacy Modernization

Would you like to equip your "classic systems" with a graphical interface?

> looksoftware
> Kalipso
> BCD Presto

Print, Output

Icon Print
i4Print, NiceLabel, Druck and Layout

Print, Output

From spool to modern layout
Individual print via direct DB access

> i4Print
> NiceLabel
Print and Layout


DMS and archiving

Icon DMS und Archiv
DMS, Archiv

DMS and archiving

More security for your business transactions, documents and files

>DMS and archiving


icon Programmierung
PHP, Java, IBMi classics


IBMi classics

> Individual development

Photography and ARTWORK

Icon Profoto & Artwork

Photography and Artwork

ProFoto (Wedding, Events…)
We design your virtual trade fair presence
Clips - Explainer

> ProFoto

The close and very open contact with our customers is the guarantee for our and your success.

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