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Gravity is a multi-platform (IBM i, Windows, Unix, Linux) Project and Workflow Management software for any organization or a development team that desires easy, fast and visible management of various projects and development processes. Gravity supports process automation and helps to streamline all changes taking place within your organization – regardless the methodology and terminology you use.

What makes Gravity different from other workflow management solutions is the possibility of tailoring workflow according to users’ specific needs, with their own, personalized activities (like sending an e-mail or managing a calendar, or more complex steps like starting a build on the build-server, enforcing users to enter sign-off information).

Gravity work management is very simple to use and it enables users to manage all activities with only one solution.


TD / OMS is a modular system that gives you complete control over your entire software life cycle process, providing a real-time view of all software components and configuration. Compliance and audit requirements can be met very easily with the help of all component movements due to the registration and history.

TD / OMS defines applications and their associated IBM i as well as virtual, non-IBM i objects, such as 4GL functions and individual messages. Their dependencies and relations will be dynamically resolved in a configuration database.

Ein “definierter Lifecycle” wird um diese Datenbasis eingerichtet. Er reflektiert den Prozess, der bei jeder Softwareänderung zu durchlaufen ist. Dieser besteht normalerweise aus den Schritten, die sich bei einem Bearbeitungszyklus einer Softwarekomponente wiederholen. Daher ist dies kein einmaliger sondern ein eher iterativer Prozess. Er wiederholt sich solange, bis eine Softwarekomponente das Ende seines Lifecycles erreicht hat.

Once the tax information has been collected, it simplifies daily operations for end users, IT managers, DevOps, programmers, and application managers. TD / OMS supports daily operations using extensively the application and environment definitions. This reduces the number of decisions to be taken at the operational level to a minimum. All deviations are registered in TD / OMS, which leads from a reactive to an active working method.

Built-in reporting capabilities provide real-time information, if a change has been made and managed.


  • Software Developer - Improved collaboration within the IT team,
  • IT Executives - Control and visibility into workflow and utilization,
  • Business Analysts - Improving business alignment with IT assets
  • DevOps - to better connect the work of developers and operations,

You'll be surprised how quickly all departments benefit from Gravity usage!


  • Method independent process automation (AGILE, Scrum, Waterfall, XP, etc.)
  • Workflow design with customized documents, tasks and user roles
  • Task Management and Process Automation
  • Personalization of activities (e.g., e-mail delivery, calendar management, starting a build process on a build server, specification of user signature information, etc.)
  • Event Management (Event Processor to perform all types of tasks, such as auditing, process triggering, notifications, e-mail and others)
  • Access via web browser or rich client
  • Project Management Support with individual time estimates for the individual tasks and workload of the team members
  • The notification system improves the flow of information between multiple teams and team members (changes / requirements / issues are defined and assigned to specific employees, with predetermined deadlines or time slots)
  • Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management thanks to integration with TD / OMS ALM
  • Strong security features with user rights management and user authentication
  • Social collaboration features, such as following or tagging
  • Multiplatform (IBM i, Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS, etc.) and Multi Database (DB2, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MySQL etc.)
  • Eclipse, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), OSGI
  • Graphical representation of process relationships
  • Gravity is primarily intended for IBM i Users; but companies that are already working in heterogeneous environments, or planning to move to another platform in the future, can count on protecting their investments. Gravity is a platform-independent task and workflow management solution whose roadmap leads to a fully supported, platform-independent application lifecycle management system.
  • Optimization of IT costs
  • Significantly increased productivity
  • Shorter time to market
  • Teamwork improvement
  • Increased IT reliability and control; high code quality


  • Legacy application modernization support: X-Analysis (Fresche Legacy), RPG Toolbox (Linoma Software), WebSmart PHP (BCD Software)
  • Task & Workflow Management Tools: Remain Software Gravity, IBM Rational Team Concert, JIRA
  • 4GL Interfaces: LANSA, CA Plex, CA 2E, AS / SET, Magic, IDDOS, EGL, ProGen, etc.
  • Management of large database files with TD / OMS Timeflash - An Interface to MIMIX Promoter (Vision Solutions)
  • (Continuous) Deployment to IBM i, Windows, UNIX, Linux, Tomcat, WebSphere
  • Optimized software development in Java, PHP


TD/OMS is a scalable, cost-effective and easy to use Application Life Cycle Management solution. TD/OMS supports IBM i (Power) Windows and Unix/Linux. It incorporates fundamental IT business process support to manage software changes, software development, deployment and modernization projects.

TD/OMS enables development teams to work in a collaborative way and to share any information at various development stages in any environment (Development, Test, Acceptance, and Deployment). TD/OMS is a powerful software solution that incorporates all the functionalities to support modern software development requirements.

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