Modern browser interface GOERING-UX

powered by Presto by Fresche

Presto brings the application into the browser within a few minutes, a very attractive pricing model makes the decision easy. 

You too can use this elegant option with GUX. The integrated subjob management 

allows 15 programmes to be called up simultaneously. This even works with software licensed per session. Break down barriers now with GUX! 

Finally, you can navigate with your normal green screen programmes via menu tree without changing the code. 

As a partner of FRESCHE, we have access to 2 excellent products for the surface design of 5250 applications.

For one thing, Presto brings the application into the browser within a few minutes, and a very attractive pricing model makes the decision easy.

With the looksoftware suite, rich clients and web service applications can be realised in addition to the browser client. Both mobile clients and rich clients are developed with one and the same development environment.

Modern web GUI

Keep your IBM i relevant in the eyes of end users and management by adding a web GUI to your existing green screens and new RPG programmes.

New functionalities

Increase your productivity by adding drop-down fields, tabs, date pickers, images, charts and more to your web-enabled screens.

Mobile access

Access all your modernised IBM I Green screens internally or remotely via iPads, iPhones and other tablets and smartphones.

A look at GOERING-UX

GOERING-UX is based on Presto and has the following features

The most important technical features of GOERING-UX:

Immediately ready for use
Was sagen Kunden über Presto?



Presto is a real game changer. Presto instantly transformed our existing apps and OS screens into web apps that we can use on mobile devices without having to change any code. I am an IBM i (RPG) developer with more than 25 years of experience, but learning this tool was easy and the learning curve minimal. In my opinion, Presto should come with every IBM i sold.

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