Solutions for all printed matters


The Solutions for all printed matters
Whether you simply want to send orders by email with a logo or send your prints completely modern and contemporary, we have the right solution for you. By the way: Kyocera PresScribe Support!
i4Print is unique!

Control native to POWER i
Print on all network (Windows) printers
Use of all Windows fonts
nput spool or file
Based on worldwide XML standards (XSL-FO)
Output in PDF
E-Mail / Fax as used by GOERING Tools


  • business papers
  • Reports
  • Label / labels
  • forms
  • contracts

Expiration with spools

  • Even complex spools are transferred to XML with i4Splitt
  • Semiautomatic handling with AGSPLF
  • Fully automatable with i4OUTQ
  • Windows Service iWoutput fetches XML stream via FTP
  • Conversion process to windows system
  • no performance burden
  • Status is returned to CL command

The video product will be available soon.

Product download i4Print!

Product download FO Designer!

Product download iWoutput!

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see also Download information!

  • archived
  • save costs
  • use all Windows Fonts 
  • Simpler application integration

Procedure with data

  • Conversion through i4XML special edition
  • Windows Service iWoutput gets XML stream via PDF
  • Conversion process to windows system
  • no performance burden
  • Status is returned to CL command

easy in the application
23 over 23 years experience
100 diverse range and offer in %
65 worldwide software in %
100 customer satisfaction in %


Further Products

With our many years of experience we support your company.
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