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More power for your POWER i


GoFaster is used to achieve the maximum possible interactive performance on machines that have been limited in the factory.

GoFaster runs on all machines with POWER i (OS / 400) or i5 / OS as of V4R4.

Performance is measured by the frequency of execution of a given instruction per second. This value is also known as the "CPW rate" and allows different models and configurations to be compared. One differentiates between "interactive CPW" (with exclusive consideration of interactive instructions) and "total CPW" with consideration of all kinds of instructions (interactive, batch and other). e.g. For example, an iSeries Model 720-206A has an "interactive CPW" of 35, while "total CPW" is 240.

virtually no difference between "Interactive CPW" and "Total CPW". In the example 720-206A, this means an almost seven-fold increase in interactive CPW.
Hardware Value Extensions: Replacing interactive maps, replacing the processor, or changing models. This, in turn, often results in higher Pxx classes. So higher maintenance and license fees for software.

With GoFaster you reach the goal of "more interactive power" at a much lower price.

System requirements

IBM POWER i V4R4 or later with OS / 400 i5 / OS

Further information and support

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Software to the test

Just try GoFaster for a few days without any obligation at your next month's close.

Installation is done in 5 minutes.

The video product will be available soon.

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  • more interactive power
  • cheap price
  • Time savings through the use of our software
  • fast installation

Price / Licensing

GoFaster will be licensed for a limited period of time or (new !!!) for an unlimited time.
All prices include maintenance.
We will gladly tell you the price of your machine, you will be amazed how cheap you can come to 100% performance!

Bring your old machine back to steam! Especially the 270 models have much more to offer than you think!

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