Sie möchten auch ihren mobilen Mitarbeitern einen Zugang zur Digitalen Welt einrichten?

Ihre bestehenden Systeme bieten hier nur komplizierte und teure Wege?

Wir entwickeln individuell für Sie und mit Ihnen die perfekte Lösung.

Natürlich gerne mit Integration der Kamera, Unterschrift, Datenbank und allem was für eine Integration notwendig ist.

"Mobile Solutions" for forklift terminals and handhelds as well as smartphones and tablets, suitable for your ERP system and platform independence in the selection of terminal devices.






Integration mit Unterschrift

Mobile Solution by GOERING


Edition SOA

Webservices created by our product i4SOA based on 5250 workflows serve the clients created with Kalipso as data delivery and booking interface.

i4SOAserver provides existing 5250 screens as a web service, these services are used by the clients, e.g. Perform stock transactions, get a list of valid booking keys, etc.
For the user, the whole is a state-of-the-art interface that fully exploits the power of Windows Mobile. Whether WLAN or GPRS / UMTS, signature capture, everything is possible.

The client is developed with Kalipso.

  • Toolbox allows fast availability
  • Fixed price projects (a few days)
  • Platform independent (Windows / Android / iPhone / iPad)
  • online and offline Service
  • Dataexchange via Socket or WebService
  • Taking pictures (documentation)
  • Signature on touch screen

Edition Thin

Here a classic 5250 application is dynamically provided as an HTML application for the mobile browser. This leads to a positive response among users who were otherwise confronted only with primitive TELNET clients. The existing programs and display files on IBM i do not need to be changed with this approach, so that implementation can be realized in a short time. Also advantageous: You do not need to set up an extra server! It's all native to Apache.
The installation is feasible in only a few minutes!

Kalipso - Mobile application generator

Improve data quality with Kalipso Studio V3! Never before has application development been so easy and efficient!


Do it EASY!

Edition Socket

For special requirements e.g. if an existing stock hardware with already intelligent scanners has to be flanged to an AS / 400 application our in-house development comes
i4Socket into the game. i4Socket takes over the complex communication and establishes the connection between the scanner system on the one hand and customized storage programs on the other hand.
We use this architecture very successfully for individual projects. 

Edition GUI

One approach for mobile use in vehicles or forklifts are devices based on "Windows XP embedded". A rich client graphically converts 5250 masks. In addition to the leaner infrastructure - a server is not required here - this variant offers integration options with other software installed on the system. Due to the larger screen compared to the handheld scanners you have even more design options here.


Mobile Together Altova

Altova MobileTogether is a cost-effective enterprise app development framework. The apps are created by your internal IT or development department, so you do not have to hire mobile development specialists. The app solutions can be completed in a matter of hours or days and can be used instantly by your end users on the mobile devices of their choice - whether it's a smartphone, tablet, laptop or all three.

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