Information on video panels


Visualization with interactivity
With the i4Vision software, information can be visualized with little effort.
The application is suitable for announcing visitors in a reception hall as well as displaying current production data in production. Interaction is also possible. The software can be installed on Android Mini-PC and is therefore very cheap to maintain.

Display data is also provided as an XML file on a server. The structure of the file is completely transparent and understandable. i4Vision fetches its data automatically via FTP or updates itself at the push of a button. Due to the optional use of Windows or Android hardly more than 100 Euro has to be calculated for the hardware.

i4Vision Live Panel


The video product will be available soon.

i4Vision makes information available on video panels

01 lobby

02 Visitor Information

03 Visualization of current production data

04 Signaling of error messages

Price / Licensing

The product is offered at a fair price / performance ratio. The price depends on the model and processor as well
Number of LPARs. An ROI is possible after a few weeks!

easy to use
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100 diverse range and offer in %
65 worldwide software in %
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