Support for administrators


.... we also have solutions in the program for the system-related user!


An efficient tool for the organized search and optimization of your queries

organize and optimize your queries

By transforming the packed QRY information into an optimized database, we allow you to access query in seconds based on the information:

used files / fields

last use

used output printer / file


stay in touch with your system i

Send messages directly to your mobile phone ("mobile phone") directly from the POWER i (AS / 400) ... With i4SMS you can immediately and easily integrate this into any application or simply from the command line. Also: Automatic notification of system errors, job cancellation, etc.


Always the current time for System i!

With i4Time you are always up to date. You do not have to worry about the clock setting anymore. The time is automatically synchronized with any so-called NTP server from the Internet, with a very high precision.
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