Refacing & Web

Software modernization of your POWER i


Refacing is only the first step! With the right tool you can get from the previous Green Screen to a Windows Smart Client or a browser application in a few days. You will not believe it if you have not seen it with your own eyes. Let us demonstrate the motto "Do not invent the wheel again" and take a closer look at the products presented here ...


GOERING-UX - The GUI with extras ... native on i!

This graphic interface for POWER i runs directly on the IBM i server, is installed in minutes and yet very comprehensive with menu navigation, several tasks simultaneously and clearly arranged.


IBM i Green Screen Web support and modernization

Presto macht aus Ihren “Greenscreens” eine reichhaltige Web-GUI, auf die Sie über Browser auf PCs und mobilen Geräten zugreifen können.

Immediate Results - All your old green screens are instantly available as web pages.
No code changes - you do not have to make any changes to your RPG, COBOL, or DDS source (no source or recompilation required).
Easy to deploy - Users only need a browser to access the web-enabled screens. No ActiveX, Windows Server, WebSphere or other software is required.



RPG Open Access

There is no more 5250 border!
Web, RIA, iPhone, iPad and Android mobile phones are now also available to the RPG developer.



Dynamische Anwendungsmodernisierung und Integrationslösung für Anwender und Anwendungsentwickler/Softwarehäuser. Die on-the-fly Architektur automatisiert den Modernisierungsprozess, es werden keine Änderung am “back-end” POWER i (AS/400) sowie System z benötigt.

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