Optimization of your queries


Query was yesterday, today i4Query!

By transferring the query information into a system of physical and logical files, you can achieve a very high performance in the administration, search, etc. of queries with this tool.

Look for a query that uses specific files or fields ... i4Query does it directly.

Use a query for different users and assign each user his own printer.

Your users only see the queries that are relevant and can execute them but not change them!

I4Query simply solves these additional requirements that you probably have always had!


i4Query is distributed across all industries worldwide. Upon request, we will gladly name a customer for your industry and region.

  • Meaningful multiple use of queries through
    Use of variablesNumerous predefined reports
  • Optimize up to 10,000% by creating ideal index files
  • A central management interface for * QRYDFN and * QMQRY
  • Graphical user interface for Windows and browser optional
  • Extensive search options for existing queriess

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The product is offered at a fair price / performance ratio. The price depends on the model and processor as well
Number of LPARs. An ROI is possible after a few weeks!

easy to use
23 over 23 years experience
100 diverse range and offer in %
65 worldwide software in %
100 customer satisfaction in %


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