Communication without barriers


Only a few Power i run in an isolated environment. Integration is announced!

Communication is very important for the success of your company.

With our tools we offer you all variants of modern communication such as e-mail, fax and SMS.
Additional hardware is not needed, we simply use existing resources.
Advantage: live operation in a few minutes!


Communication with TCP / IP opens up fantastic possibilities of integration across platform boundaries.
With i4Socket this is really easy!

With i4Socket you have the right tool to successfully start processing with TCP / IP sockets and communicate with any other system, whether it's handhelds, barcode scanners, or other connectors such as yours. Webshop interfaces for the B2B connection.


Our classics - proven and award-winning

Send Spool files as PDF via Email!

i4Spool converts spool files to PDF, HTML, TEXT or TIFF format.

Forms, logos etc. are simply integrated via JPEG. Send the formatted file via email or save it in the archive.


stay in touch with your system i

Send messages directly to your mobile phone ("mobile phone") directly from the POWER i (AS / 400) ... With i4SMS you can immediately and easily integrate this into any application or simply from the command line. Also: Automatic notification of system errors, job cancellation, etc.

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Further Products

With our many years of experience we support your company.
We offer products that you may be interested in:

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